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Low Temperature Epoxy (L.T.E.)

Low Temperature Epoxy (L.T.E.) is a specially formulated, 100% solids, acrylated epoxy system designed to provide positive cure down to 20ºF and extremely rapid room temperature cure...


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Oil Stop Primer

Oil Stop Primer is a low viscosity, 100% solids resin designed for use as a primer on concreteslabs that are contaminated with hydrocarbons, such as motor oil, solvents, cutting oils andhydraulics fluids.


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Polyaspartic 7500

Polyaspartic 7500 is a two-component, high solids, aliphatic polyaspartic. This unique resin chemistry has the desirable properties of polyester-polyurethane materials, yet has a faster cure time and fewer film thickness limitations. It was developed as a high-performance coating for various protective coatings and seamless flooring applications...


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Polyurea 5000

Polyurea 5000 is a two-component, ultra high solids, aliphatic polyurea/polyaspartic hybrid. New, unique resin chemistry has provided the raw materials to formulate this coating, which gives it the desirable properties of polyester-polyurethane materials with greatly reduced odor and less film thickness limitations.


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