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APF Cem-Seal

APF Cem-Seal is a water-based acrylic emulsion used in a variety of decorative concrete applications. It is available in both clear and pigmented formulations, dries quickly, and is high in solids for single component emulsion type materials...


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APF Color Quartz

APF Color Quartz is a decorative aggregate used in seamless flooring. We offer 14 different color blends of color quartz for commercial, industrial and residential applications...


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APF Epoxy Slurry Filler

APF Epoxy Slurry Filler is a special blend of graded fine silica used in self-leveling flooring. This product can be used to greatly improve mechanical strength of the flooring system.


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APF Orange Clean

APF Orange Clean is an effective degreaser and general purpose cleaner. This is a free-rinsing product ideal for cleaning coated surfaces...


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