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Epoxy Novolac 900

Epoxy Nolovac 900 is a solvent-free, multi- functional epoxy system designed to give outstanding resistance to a broad range of chemicals, including 98% sulfuric acid and most solvents. Novolac 900 also offers a workable pot life, blush-free cure and a low viscosity making aggregate-filled flooring easy to apply. This material can be applied down to 40°F and is available with a non-sag thickener for easy vertical application. 


Novolac 900 was designed as a user friendly, high performance material for use in a variety of chemical resistant applications. It is especially suitable in areas subject to high concentrations of acids; such as metal plating, circuit board manufacturing, chemical processing, storage areas and waste treatment plants. 


Colors & Finishes

  • Clear
  • All 16 Standard Colors


Kit Sizes

  • 1 1/2 Gallons
  • 15 Gallons