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Interior Common Spaces

Unleash your creativity with a range of decorative flooring systems for interior common spaces. You can create one-of-a-kind looks with APF’s metallic coatings, acid stains, dyes, architectural sealers, decorative color chips, color quartz and decorative polymer concrete.


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Design flexibility is key with indoor flooring systems, as the look of the final floor can make or break a space aesthetically. APF can provide you with options, from stone textures to metallic coatings...


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Light Manufacturing

Thin build systems for light manufacturing are designed for areas requiring moderate resistance to impact, abrasion and chemicals, such as a storage facility or warehouse. APF offers a variety of protective coatings, wall coatings, decorative color chip flooring and static control coatings for this sector...


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APF flooring and wall systems are seamless, sanitary, chemical resistant to corrosive sanitizers, resistant to microbial growth, and designed to withstand the severe cleaning regimens typical in pharmaceutical manufacturing. From research laboratories to manufacturing and clean room environments, right down to packaging and shipping areas; Arizona Polymer flooring offers excellent solutions...


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