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Hospitality Commercial Kitchens

APF’s color quartz systems, wall coatings and specially designed urethane mortars are ideal for commercial kitchens. They provide slip resistance and protection from harsh food acids and chemicals that can damage floors over time, while also offering an aesthetically pleasing surface...


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Hospitality Loading Docks

APF offers high-performance protective coatings and troweled epoxy mortars that can withstand the vehicle traffic and impact from heavy equipment common at loading docks...


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Hospitality Restrooms

Restrooms of all types and sizes need flooring systems that are sanitary, moisture tolerant, slip resistant and easy to clean and maintain. APF’s wall coatings, color quartz systems and decorative color chip systems meet the performance requirements while offering design flexibility...


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Hospitals & Institutions

APF offers hospital and institutional clients aesthetically pleasing surfaces that will withstand the heavy traffic and constant cleaning found in the patient areas, corridors and surgical suites, as well as the more industrial environments such as the kitchen and laundry areas. APF products are designed and formulated to accommodate these highly demanding, 24/7 environments.


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