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Hallways receive heavy foot traffic, and the flooring systems must accommodate the constant wear and tear from all the activity. APF’s protective coatings and decorative color chip systems provide the performance and aesthetics needed for years of worry-free service.


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Hazardous Industries

Few flooring systems stand up to hazards-such as dust or explosions -as much as APF’s high-performance industrial coatings. In addition to providing excellent abrasion and chemical resistance, they are spark proof and have enhanced static control properties that prevent electrostatic damage to products and equipment...


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Heavy Manufacturing

Thick build systems for heavy manufacturing are designed for areas requiring extreme resistance to impact, abrasion and chemicals, such as equipment manufacturing facilities. APF offers a variety of troweled epoxy mortars, slurry broadcast systems and wall coatings for this sector...


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Holding Cells

APF's color quartz systems, epoxies mortars, decorative color chip coatings and wall coatings offer features required at holding cells, including slip resistance and improved cleanability and light reflectivity...


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