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Commercial Kitchens

APF’s color quartz systems, wall coatings and specially designed urethane mortars are ideal for commercial kitchens. They provide slip resistance and protection from harsh food acids and chemicals that can damage floors over time, while also offering an aesthetically pleasing surface...


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Flooring systems for concession areas stand up to slips, impact, abrasion and a broad range of chemicals, including organic food acids. Additionally, they are moisture tolerant, support sanitation and are easy to clean. An antimicrobial additive is available to inhibit the growth of bacteria and micro-organisms, when needed...


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Flooring at high-traffic concourses must be highly durable, easy to clean and provide design flexibility. APF has many options, including color quartz, decorative color chips, slurry broadcasts, dyes, architectural concrete sealers and metallic flooring systems...


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Data Centers

Due to the electricity generated from large amounts of electronics equipment and machines, flooring systems at data centers need enhanced static control properties. APF’s StatRez® line of systems are designed to protect areas requiring static dissipative or conductive flooring...


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