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BioMedical Research

Maintain a sterile, sanitary and safe environment with APF floor systems specially designed for biomedical research facilities.  Whether designing a BSL Lab or a clean room, our flooring systems can be engineered to perform in any environment and within any cleaning requirements. Durability, ease of maintenance and extended lifecycle all add value to your flooring design investment. These systems are available in standard colors, decorative quartz, decorative flake and have an anti-microbial additive option.


BioMedical Research Systems:


Armor-Rez CQ 100

Armor-Rez CQ 100 is a 1/8th-inch thick decorative color quartz flooring system offering excellent abrasion and impact resistance. It can be combined with an optional polyurethane topcoat for areas needing improved chemical resistance and cleanability...


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Armor-Rez CQ 150

Armor-Rez CQ 150 is a 1/8th-inch thick decorative color quartz flooring system with a chemical-resistant epoxy topcoat. It offers excellent abrasion, impact and chemical resistance.


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Armor-Rez CQ 600

Armor-Rez CQ 600 is a chemical-resistant, 3/16-inch thick decorative epoxy color quartz flooring system. It utilizes proprietary fillers for superior impact resistance when compared to standard epoxy broadcast flooring systems...


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Armor-Rez HD

Armor-Rez HD is a three-component, high-performance troweled epoxy mortar system consisting of a low-viscosity epoxy resin combined with a proprietary blend of graded aggregates...


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Armor-Rez HD 135

Armor-Rez HD 135 is a decorative system offering an excellent combination of durability and beauty. It combines a troweled epoxy mortar base that can be topped with a broadcast of vinyl paint chips or broadcast aggregates, and finished with a topcoat of clear epoxy with the option of an additional topcoat of polyurethane. It’s typically installed at 1/8th to 3/16th inch thick...


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Armor-Rez SL 100

Armor-Rez SL 100 is a high-build, self-leveling slurry system consisting of a two-component epoxy primer, two-component epoxy slurry and a two-component chemical-resistant polyurethane topcoat...


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Armor-Rez SL 600

Armor-Rez SL 600 is a chemical resistant high-build, self-leveling slurry system consisting of a two-component epoxy primer, two-component epoxy slurry and a two-component chemical resistant epoxy topcoat...


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CastorCrete® Bio Floor HDF/HDQ

CastorCrete Bio Floor HDF/HDQ has been engineered as a 100% solids, hybrid flooring system consisting of our CastorCrete SL urethane cement slurry mortar, topped with an epoxy decorative acrylic vinyl flake system or an epoxy colored quartz system.


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CastorCrete® SL-B

CastorCrete SL-B is a medium-duty slurry urethane cement mortar. It’s designed to protect existing concrete or resurface moderately deteriorated concrete, while also offering options for a decorative appearance and/or slip resistance with the use of broadcast quartz.


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Granitex High Build

Granitex High Build is a heavy-duty, high-build, decorative color chip flooring system...


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Sani-Wall Wall Coating

Sani-Wall Wall Coating is a high-performance wall coating system that provides a seamless, high gloss, durable and easy-to-clean wall surface. It’s installed at 12 to 20 mils dry film thickness, offering a variety of topcoats depending on the application...


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Sani-Wall Wall Coating FGR

Sani-Wall Wall Coating FGR is a high-performance wall coating reinforced with fiber glass. It provides a seamless, high-gloss, durable, impact resistant and easy to clean surface...


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