Green Initiatives


As a coating manufacturer, we strongly believe it’s important to take steps to reduce our impact on the environment. We continually evaluate new ways to minimize our footprint in all facets of the business, from production practices to new product development. Current efforts include:


  • Solvent Recycling Program - We purchased a high-tech solvent distiller to recycle and reuse solvents consumed during the manufacturing process. The distiller heats liquid waste and then separates, purifies and cools the resulting vapors into a highly pure solvent for reuse. This process has enabled us to greatly reduce our chemical waste throughout the plant – up to 95% in many instances.    
  • Production Waste Reduction Program - We transitioned away from disposable rags and gloves commonly used in the industry. Now we utilize a rag cleaning service, and we adopted thicker, more chemical-resistant gloves that last much longer.
  • Product Development - We are committed to introducing products that are low VOC and use renewable resources. Two of our most popular systems – VaporSolve™ Moisture Remediation Systems and CastorCrete™ Urethane Mortar Systems – are among those with "green" products. Additional environmentally friendly products are under development.