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Systems: Troweled Epoxy Mortars

When resistance to extreme impact, abrasion or thermal shock is required, rely on troweled epoxy mortar systems. Troweled epoxy mortar is normally applied 1/8 - 3/8 inch thick.

Armor-Rez HD

Armor-Rez HD is a three-component, high-performance troweled epoxy mortar system consisting of a low-viscosity epoxy resin combined with a proprietary blend of graded aggregates...


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Armor-Rez HD 135

Armor-Rez HD 135 is a decorative system offering an excellent combination of durability and beauty. It combines a troweled epoxy mortar base that can be topped with a broadcast of vinyl paint chips or broadcast aggregates, and finished with a topcoat of clear epoxy with the option of an additional topcoat of polyurethane. It’s typically installed at 1/8th to 3/16th inch thick...


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Armor-Rez Jet Deck 300

Armor-Rez Jet Deck 300 is a five-coat system engineered to meet the UFGS requirements for heavy duty flooring systems typical of aircraft maintenance hangars, providing excellent abrasion and chemical resistance...


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