ICP Building Solutions Group APFEpoxy Rocktred Drytreat Plidek

Markets: Residential

APF offers a wide range of systems for residential areas that expertly combine aesthetics and performance, indoors and out. With full lines of dyes, stains, architectural concrete sealers and decorative polymer concrete, you have unlimited creative possibilities. In addition, these types of systems are chemical and abrasion resistant, and easy to clean and maintain.


Systems for exterior floors offer many creative options, yet also provide UV stability and slip resistance, and stand up to numerous weather conditions...


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Systems for garage floors are aesthetically pleasing while standing up to regular vehicle traffic, automotive fluids light labor...


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Design flexibility is key with indoor flooring systems, as the look of the final floor can make or break a space aesthetically. APF can provide you with options, from stone textures to metallic coatings...


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