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Markets: Hospitality & Entertainment

Specialty flooring systems for the hospitality and entertainment industry are highly durable, easy to clean, slip resistant and provide a wide range of creative possibilities. APF has a variety of indoor and outdoor systems offering various levels of abrasion, chemical and impact resistance, depending on project requirements.

Hospitality Commercial Kitchens

APF’s color quartz systems, wall coatings and specially designed urethane mortars are ideal for commercial kitchens. They provide slip resistance and protection from harsh food acids and chemicals that can damage floors over time, while also offering an aesthetically pleasing surface...


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Hospitality Loading Docks

APF offers high-performance protective coatings and troweled epoxy mortars that can withstand the vehicle traffic and impact from heavy equipment common at loading docks...


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Hospitality Restrooms

Restrooms of all types and sizes need flooring systems that are sanitary, moisture tolerant, slip resistant and easy to clean and maintain. APF’s wall coatings, color quartz systems and decorative color chip systems meet the performance requirements while offering design flexibility...


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Interior Common Spaces

Unleash your creativity with a range of decorative flooring systems for interior common spaces. You can create one-of-a-kind looks with APF’s metallic coatings, acid stains, dyes, architectural sealers, decorative color chips, color quartz and decorative polymer concrete.


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Porte Cochères

Porte cochères, also referred to as coach gates, are porch-like structures through which a vehicle can pass. These architectural features are common at resorts, hotels and casinos. APF’s flooring systems expertly combine durability and aesthetics to create a show piece the abundance of passers-by can appreciate. ..


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Walkways not only receive an abundance of foot traffic, but they often serve as the focal point for a design concept. APF has a wide range of systems offering various performance levels depending on the floor’s location. Plus, the systems provide unlimited decorative possibilities with stains, dyes, architectural sealers, decorative color chips, color quartz and decorative polymer concrete...


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