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Markets: Healthcare Services

When it comes to protective floor & wall coatings for Healthcare related facilities, Arizona Polymer Flooring is second to none. No industry demands greater solutions to a more unique set of needs than the healthcare industry and no flooring manufacturer offers more comprehensive solutions to those needs than Arizona Polymer Flooring.

BioMedical Research

Maintain a sterile, sanitary and safe environment with APF floor systems specially designed for biomedical research facilities. Whether designing a BSL Lab or a clean room, our flooring systems can be engineered to perform in any environment and within any cleaning requirements. Durability, ease of maintenance and extended lifecycle all add value to your flooring design investment...


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Hospitals & Institutions

APF offers hospital and institutional clients aesthetically pleasing surfaces that will withstand the heavy traffic and constant cleaning found in the patient areas, corridors and surgical suites, as well as the more industrial environments such as the kitchen and laundry areas. APF products are designed and formulated to accommodate these highly demanding, 24/7 environments.


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APF flooring and wall systems are seamless, sanitary, chemical resistant to corrosive sanitizers, resistant to microbial growth, and designed to withstand the severe cleaning regimens typical in pharmaceutical manufacturing. From research laboratories to manufacturing and clean room environments, right down to packaging and shipping areas; Arizona Polymer flooring offers excellent solutions...


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Vivarium & Animal Holding

Vivarium and animal holding facilities require wall and flooring systems that will provide a stable environment for the animals, technicians and researchers. These are ultimate demand facilities due to the sensitive nature of the environment. APF flooring and seamless wall systems are designed to assist in the maintenance of these demanding environments while ensuring anti-microbial...


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