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Markets: Commercial

APF has carefully crafted flooring systems for all types of commercial projects, such as shopping centers, big box stores, office complexes, restaurants and much more. These systems are aesthetically pleasing, easy to clean and offer design flexibility to fit within a variety of scopes and environments. They possess a range of abrasion, impact and chemical resistances, depending on the needs of the project.

Commercial Kitchens

APF’s color quartz systems, wall coatings and specially designed urethane mortars are ideal for commercial kitchens. They provide slip resistance and protection from harsh food acids and chemicals that can damage floors over time, while also offering an aesthetically pleasing surface...


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Restaurants & Bars

APF’s flooring systems for restaurants and bars fit into a variety of creative design concepts. You can create a striking design for high-energy areas or a subtle, muted concept for sophisticated scenes. APF has full lines of dyes, acid stains, decorative color chips, architectural sealers and color quartz flooring systems...


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Retail & Office Space

APF’s flooring systems for office and retail spaces efficiently combine aesthetics and performance. A range of dyes, stains, decorative color chips, architectural sealers and color quartz flooring systems provide a variety of design possibilities while standing up to frequent traffic and other hazards typical of office and retail environments...


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APF’s flooring systems for warehouses offer an aesthetically pleasing surface while standing up to impact, abrasion and chemicals commonly found in these environments – such as forklift traffic, impact from crates and tools, and heavy foot traffic...


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