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Systems: Color Quartz Flooring Systems

Color quartz floors are durable and attractive seamless flooring systems that incorporate colored quartz aggregate in a tough epoxy matrix. These systems are sealed with specialty formulated clear epoxy or polyurethane.

Armor-Rez CQ 100

Armor-Rez CQ 100 is a 1/8th-inch thick decorative color quartz flooring system offering excellent abrasion and impact resistance. It can be combined with an optional polyurethane topcoat for areas needing improved chemical resistance and cleanability...


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Armor-Rez CQ 150

Armor-Rez CQ 150 is a 1/8th-inch thick decorative color quartz flooring system with a chemical-resistant epoxy topcoat. It offers excellent abrasion, impact and chemical resistance.


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Armor-Rez CQ 600

Armor-Rez CQ 600 is a chemical-resistant, 3/16-inch thick decorative epoxy color quartz flooring system. It utilizes proprietary fillers for superior impact resistance when compared to standard epoxy broadcast flooring systems...


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Armor-Rez HD 135

Armor-Rez HD 135 is a decorative system offering an excellent combination of durability and beauty. It combines a troweled epoxy mortar base that can be topped with a broadcast of vinyl paint chips or broadcast aggregates, and finished with a topcoat of clear epoxy with the option of an additional topcoat of polyurethane. It’s typically installed at 1/8th to 3/16th inch thick...


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