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Verenium BioMedical Facility Flooring Makeover

Verenium BioMedical Facility Flooring Makeover

The Challenge
BioMedical facilities have their own set of unique challenges when it comes to new flooring systems, as was the case with Verenium, a bioscience firm in La Jolla, California.


Environmental concerns for the Pilot Plant, Glass Wash and sanitation areas dictated the design decisions for the floor and wall systems to be installed. The design had to address chemical exposures, sanitation and foot traffic relating to potential slip and fall accidents due to spills in these areas.


Design criteria for the proposed flooring system included:

  • The flooring systems had to be aesthetically pleasing, chemical resistant, abrasion resistant and slip resistant.  Although the plant is not intended for full manufacturing, it was important to have a system that could stand up against spills that may cause an employee to slip and fall.
  • The floors and wall top coats had to be chemical resistant to the sanitizers that are used throughout the facility.
  • The walls of the plant are drywall and would be exposed to occasional impact, so a fiberglass wall systems was selected to protect against these exposures.
  • There was uncertainty about the condition of the concrete due to the removal of an existing flooring material which required a mortar base to be installed to ensure a level and uniform post removal.
  • All systems were required to be in accordance with California VOC laws and regulations.


The Players
APF teamed with Dowler Gruman Architects in San Diego, a highly respected architectural firm that specializes in lab, research and manufacturing spaces in the life sciences industry. Oakridge Industries of Pomona, CA was selected as the flooring contractor. Oakridge Industries has an outstanding resume with more than 25 years of designing and installing floor and wall systems for research, pharmaceutical and institutional facilities throughout the United States. Oakridge also had a firm understanding of the client’s expectations.


The Solution
APF recommended the following for the basis of design:


Flooring System Design

  • First, a mortar-based design was chosen to ensure a smooth work surface despite the concrete’s existing condition in all areas of the facility.
  • In the Pilot Plant, APF’s Armor-Rez HD 135 Flake System was selected for its aesthetic appeal and sealed APF’s High TrafficPolyurethane 325 VOCtopcoat to provide chemical, abrasion and slip resistance.
  • For the Glass Wash and Sanitation Areas, CastorCrete SL  was selected for its thermal shock resistance and its ability to handle moisture up to 12 pounds. Epoxy Novolac 900 was chosen as a top coat for its excellent chemical resistance. 


Wall System Design

  • For the walls, Sani-Rez FGR Wall System was specified with our Polyurethane 100 VOC as the topcoat. The Polyurethane 100 VOC was tinted to a custom color to match the design and color palette that had been chosen by the DGA design team.


Substrate & Testing Conditions
Prior to the installation of the proposed systems, a calcium chloride test (ADD ASTM #) was performed on the concrete substrate. The test results were over the limitations of the Armor-Rez 135 System, so our VaporSolve Ultra System was recommended and installed to remediate any moisture issues in the Pilot Plant.


The installation of the recommended APF floor and wall systems were completed in all areas, on time and without any field issues, ensuring a successful and profitable result. The success at Verenium has already led to working with DGA in the design of future projects, and APF is working with Oakridge Industries on other projects as well. Our goal at Arizona Polymer Flooring is to create successful systems for our clients and design teams, and to support our contractors better than anyone else in the industry.

Verenium BioMedical Facility Flooring MakeoverVerenium BioMedical Facility Flooring MakeoverVerenium BioMedical Facility Flooring Makeover