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Convention Center Kitchen Meets High Demands with APF’s CastorCrete® Urethane Mortar, Epoxy 600

Convention Center Kitchen Meets High Demands with APF’s CastorCrete® Urethane Mortar, Epoxy 600


The Challenge:

Commercial kitchens require high-performance flooring systems to keep pace with tough environmental demands, such as exposure to chemicals and organic food acids, and abrasion and impact from heavy equipment. Now consider the abuse and traffic within a massive convention center commercial kitchen, and the typical exposures are compounded much further.


Oakridge Industries was tapped to install a highly durable flooring system in a new 12,000-square-foot kitchen at the Anaheim Convention Center. The original specs were insufficient, suggesting a thin-mil flooring system that wouldn’t stand up to future demands. So, Oakridge called on Arizona Polymer Flooring – which specializes in high-performance industrial flooring systems – to create a proper spec that would fulfill needs for many years to come, and meet the tight four-week turnaround.


The Contractor:

For more than 30 years, Oakridge Industries has installed resinous flooring systems in industrial and manufacturing environments, such as commercial kitchens and bioscience facilities. The contractor is proud to have the expertise, equipment, manpower and experience to serve customers in mission-critical timeframes.


The Solution:

No stranger to commercial kitchens, APF recommended the following system to meet the environmental demands, taking into account durability, chemical resistance and slip resistance – characteristics that not only protect the flooring, but reduce accidents and liability.

    • CastorCrete® SL-B – a medium-duty slurry urethane cement mortar that’s designed to protect existing concrete or resurface moderately deteriorated concrete, while also offering options for a decorative appearance and/or slip resistance with the use of broadcast quartz. It has outstanding chemical resistance and is recommended for exposure to moderate thermal shock and thermal cycling. 
  • Epoxy 600 Topcoat – is a solvent-free, high-performance resin system designed to improve chemical resistance over standard Bisphenol A based epoxy materials. It has excellent resistance to corrosive food acids, most solvents, 50% sulfuric acid and 15% acetic acid. Epoxy 600 features low viscosity, good troweling characteristics, blush-free cures and good resistance to ambering for an epoxy material. This product can be used as a topcoat when service conditions are too severe for general purpose epoxies, but the performance of Novolac materials is not required. 


The Installation:

As detailed in this article for Coatings Pro, Oakridge had to install the flooring system while different contractors worked on other aspects of the building on a tight deadline – just four weeks total. To complete the job, Oakridge divided the floor into 2,500-square-foot quadrants so other trades could work while they installed the flooring.


First, a six-inch cove base was installed around the perimeter of the space using Epoxy 400 Thixotropic. Next, Oakridge treated the floor with CastorCrete® SL-B using hand trowels, gage rake trowels and spike rollers. The floor was finished with a topcoat of Epoxy 600 in Seattle Red.


Coatings Pro highlighted additional challenges that Oakridge overcame, including improperly set drains and inconsistencies with the concrete installation. APF provided the guidance, products and systems to address all issues with the substrate and drains.

The final met and exceeded all original goals.