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City of Glendale Police Department

City of Glendale Police Department

Background:  The City of Glendale Police Department in Arizona needed a new flooring system for its facility. The job, which was a awarded to Brilliant Epoxy Floors, required the removal of linoleum tile and re-installation of an epoxy chip floor system. The task seemed fairly basic… at first.   


Contractor: Brilliant Epoxy Floors, Inc., based in Scottsdale, Arizona, has  specialized in epoxy applications since 1996. It offers removal of various types of flooring and installation of epoxy flooring and concrete polishing services to a commercial, industrial and residential customers throughout the Southwest. 


The Challenge: Initially, the job appeared to be pretty straightforward with removal of the existing linoleum tile and the installation of a new decorative color chip flooring system. 


To start, Brilliant Epoxy Floors removed nearly 4,000 sq. ft. of linoleum tile. Once the tile was removed, they diamond ground the floor using Diamatic and Terrco industrial grinders. The plan was to proceed after all the patch work was complete, however, at this point they discovered the osmotic vapor pressure was greater than 5 lbs per 1000 sq. ft. The vapor levels in the concrete warranted the installation of a moisture remediation system prior to the epoxy system application in order to prevent failure.


Brilliant Epoxy Floors utilized APF’s new VaporSolve Moisture Remediation System, which is designed to combat all levels of concrete moisture. 


“This two-component, two-layer system was really easy to use. While it did take an extra day for this system to be installed and cure, it worked flawlessly,” said Kevin Marks, owner of Brilliant Epoxy Floors.


The Solution: After the VaporSolve system was cured, they continued with the intended full decorative Granitex color chip system. A tinted Epoxy 400 was used as a base coat into which chips were broadcast to full refusal.  When the epoxy was cured, the excess chips were removed. Brilliant Epoxy Floors then conditioned the floor and applied the sealant coat of clear APF Cem-Seal. Lastly, a final coat of APF Clear Poly 100 with a UVR additive was applied. 


“It was awesome to have so many people give really nice comments about how the floors looked, especially all the Glendale police officers. If they only knew that the tile was tough to remove, that the entire floor needed an osmotic vapor barrier, and that the patch work was ridiculous after we removed the tile. Not to mention that we needed to raise every transition to the height of the existing tile in this facility. 


When it was all done, we overcame many obstacles, and provided The City of Glendale with a great looking, incredibly strong Granitex color chip flooring system. Thank you APF for providing us with well-engineered products and Carlos Santana – a fantastic rep,” said Marks.

City of Glendale Police DepartmentCity of Glendale Police DepartmentCity of Glendale Police Department