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About Arizona Polymer Flooring

Arizona Polymer Flooring (APF) is part of Innovative Chemical Products Group (ICP) and their Building Solutions Group (BSG). ICP’s Building Solutions Group is a compilation of industry-leading brands that deliver high-performance professional products and services for building envelope, cementitious flooring, and sport surface applications. Through the APF brand, we offer high-performance concrete floor coatings used in commercial and industrial applications, such as food and beverage processing, healthcare, manufacturing, and electronics industries.


Using advanced polymer chemistry, APF coatings are formulated with a wide variety of high-quality products based on epoxy, polyurethane and acrylic technology. Every product is field tested for performance and durability. We also invest in the research and development necessary to bring you some of the most innovative products and systems on the market.



APF was founded in 1985 by Dean and Carol Owen, two flooring contractors in the Phoenix area who sought out superior concrete coating products that could withstand the extreme desert heat. Unsatisfied with current market offerings when it came to quality, performance and aesthetics, they researched and developed a series of product lines themselves. The Owens quickly gained a reputation for providing high-quality, durable products and systems with first-rate customer service.


Throughout the early days of APF, Daniel Owen, the son of Dean and Carol, received a one-of-a-kind education working in virtually every department of the business. Daniel held various positions in multiple department of the company including vice president until he and his wife Leane purchased the business in 2013 and became the owners of APF.  


ICP Group acquired APF and Super-Krete in 2018. Today, Super-Krete® Products and APF are thriving brands within ICP’s Building Solutions Group and join other market leading brands within their Flooring and Cementitious Unit. Please visit ICPGroup.com for more details.


We encourage you to learn more about our management team. Each is committed to providing our clients with the highest possible level of customer service and support.



The Building Solutions Group (BSG) serves contractors, distributors, architects, engineers, and end users nationwide. Our expert staff and varied brand capabilities make us uniquely qualified to interpret the needs of each customer and recommend improvements that affect the performance, durability, and aesthetics for a wide range of flooring projects.

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