CastorCrete® SL

CastorCrete® SL is a flowable polyurethane mortar installed at 1/8 to 1/4 inch to protect concrete from physical and chemical abuse.  It is very resistant to impact and abrasion, and is unaffected by animal fats and most solvents.


CastorCrete® SL has a co-efficient of thermal expansion similar to concrete, allowing it to maintain adhesion when subjected to the thermal shock of hot water.  It can be used at constant service temperatures up to 200 degrees F. 


CastorCrete® SL can be purchased with an anti-microbial additive to inhibit the growth of bacteria and micro-organisms. CastorCrete SL is a quick-turnaround flooring solution for businesses that must minimize downtime.  It is usually installed without a primer or topcoat, and can be returned to service 12-24 hours after installation.  It contains no VOCs, has very little odor and is made with natural sustainable raw materials.


CastorCrete® SL is ideal for food and beverage processing industries.  Other areas of use include commercial kitchens, chemical processing areas, pulp and paper plants, and wastewater treatment facilities.

CastorCrete® SL