CastorCrete® RT-B

CastorCrete® RT-B is a heavy duty urethane cement mortar applied with a rake and trowel.  It’s designed to protect existing concrete or resurface moderately deteriorated concrete, while also offering options for a decorative appearance and/or slip resistance with the use of broadcast quartz medium. It can withstand extreme physical exposure including steam cleaning, heavy traffic and heavy impact.


CastorCrete® RT-B has outstanding chemical resistance to most solvents, acids, alkalis, hot oils and animal by-products . This system is typically installed at 3/16 inch to 1/4 inch thickness. It can be sealed with a variety of topcoats depending on environmental exposures and desired aesthetics.


CastorCrete® RT-B is commonly used in pharmaceutical and food/beverage processing areas. The system is low odor, contains no VOCs, cures rapidly and is moisture tolerant.

CastorCrete® RT-B