CastorCrete® Bio Floor HDF/HDQ

CastorCrete® Bio Floor HDF/HDQ

CastorCrete® Bio Floor HDF/HDQ has been engineered as a 100% solids, low odor, low VOC, hybrid flooring system consisting of our CastorCrete® SL urethane cement slurry mortar, topped with an epoxy decorative acrylic vinyl flake system or an epoxy colored quartz system. The typical system thickness is 3/16 to 1/2 inch thick.


CastorCrete® Bio Floor HDF/HDQ is thermal shock resistant, impact and abrasion resistant, moisture tolerant and UV stable. Armor-Rez™ Bio Floor HDF/HDQ offers superior life cycle advantages and can contribute to LEED certification.


CastorCrete® Bio Floor HDF/HDQ is a medium duty, aesthetically pleasing flooring solution that is chemically resistant to organic and inorganic acids, salts, alkalis and amines, making it ideal for biotech, pharmaceutical, animal and institutional research facilities, wet/dry processing areas and clean rooms, as well as food and beverage processing and manufacturing facilities.





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